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Current status: I am no longer taking requests to personalize at this time.In the mean time you can find me on the Facebook group "Graphics for all lovers of Disney". Here I post many of my designs for all to use. Here you will find customized designs to make into magnets and t-shirts primarily for Disney cruises and vacations. I have been doing this for a few years now on a popular Disney forum but now venturing out on my own. I have many designs and many not listed as well. If you see a license plate you would like but not the character, more than likely I have it and if not I will make a new one. I also on occasion will make new designs on request as well. The best part about all of this is I do them for FREE.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lady Boadicea

Seriously Lady Boadicea? Should I be flattered you copy everything I have done or should I least say you attempted? If you don't know this person, she is part of the disboards. Soon as I left, she seems to taken it upon herself to copy many of my designs the best she could. Where is the originality and the respect Lady? If you like what I have done, just expand on it and make it your own. Don't duplicate it! So Lady Boadicea, I have updated the design. Please don't copy this one too! Final thought. What is up with this design that people steal it, sell it and need to copy it?
                                                                   Lady Boadicea

                                                                       Old Jordak Design

                                                                   Updated version